05 November 2008

Facebook: Post-Election

I watched it all last night, excited and elated.

This morning I get up and scan Facebook. Not surprisingly most statuses are related to the election. There's plenty of "yes we can" and "Obama wins!" and "I'm so proud to be alive right now."

But there's also plenty of grade A dumbassery out there. "At least the world won't end until January", posted by a guy whose profile pic is Obama with the word Communist beneath. "I'm now afraid to live in this country." "Just shoot me now..." posted by a guy with a Reagan '08 profile pic.

Then there's the people that are just posting Bible references, mostly Romans 13, which says to obey your authorities. There's others who say something more or less like "God is still in control of this country." My question: if God is in total control, why do you vote? Shouldn't God's will happen anyway?

Oh, and just because it bears repeating, often: we were not founded as a Christian nation. So please stop bringing up the phrase "under God." It's just a typo.

Smartest one I saw was probably "He did it...now let's see what he can do." A tempered response and one I would agree with. Last night was historical and euphoric, but now life goes on. Obama's going to take office with hard times ahead of him. I am hopeful, but I know Obama is not a panacea.

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