30 October 2008

I think they've confused love and hate

This is truly one of the most terrifying videos I've ever seen.

My revulsion is made all the greater by the realization that not too long ago I would have supported this kind of movement, have been glad to stand in that stadium, fasting and praying that homosexuals might be cured. To my senses, now liberated from fetters of dogma, the very idea of wanting a homosexual to be cured, a notion which implies that a sort of love can be a sickness, makes me ill.

If Proposition 8 passes it will be a drastic step backward for this country.

28 October 2008

Two Fascinating Articles from The New Yorker

First, Red Sex, Blue Sex, how studies show that despite their rhetoric to the contrary, white evangelical Americans have lots of premarital sex and teen pregnancies.

Second, Adam Smith advocated the sort of "sharing the wealth" that Obama is now being criticized for.

26 October 2008

It's all fun and gaffs until the idiot gets elected.

You've probably heard this story. Sarah Palin gave her first policy speech the other day. She began by saying something good: education for special needs children needs more funding. To secure the funds for this increase, Palin pointed to earmarks. Her specific example: fruit fly research. Here's the hilarious/tragic part. The research she was referring to at the University of North Carolina is using fruit flies to research a protein that is essential to nerve development. This research may very likely lead to new breakthroughs in the understanding and treatment of autism. But Palin says that's a waste of money.


Here's the video.

Edit: It's possible she was referring to this research, which while it is not directly related to autism or any mental condition, is still important scientific research. Palin's offhand dismissal, like McCain on bear DNA and planetarium projectors, shows a callous disregard for science.

11 October 2008

3 down, 47 to go

Conneticut is now the third state to legalize gay marriage. The ruling came on Friday, just in time for today, National Coming Out Day.

One more important step forward for civil rights.

08 October 2008

Myth of the Maverick

John McCain portrays himself as a maverick, the guy who's not afraid to go against his party. (He also says "friends" far too much.) In reality, McCain's record shows him to be reckless and dishonest.

Tim Dickinson, of Rolling Stone, lays out the full details.

These Lulz Are Clever

From Edward Current, a YouTube satirist.

01 October 2008

Truth Kicks Palin's Ass

Because of the damage she is doing to the republican party, I love Sarah Palin like I love Bob Barr (a.k.a. the Republican' Nader).