26 October 2008

It's all fun and gaffs until the idiot gets elected.

You've probably heard this story. Sarah Palin gave her first policy speech the other day. She began by saying something good: education for special needs children needs more funding. To secure the funds for this increase, Palin pointed to earmarks. Her specific example: fruit fly research. Here's the hilarious/tragic part. The research she was referring to at the University of North Carolina is using fruit flies to research a protein that is essential to nerve development. This research may very likely lead to new breakthroughs in the understanding and treatment of autism. But Palin says that's a waste of money.


Here's the video.

Edit: It's possible she was referring to this research, which while it is not directly related to autism or any mental condition, is still important scientific research. Palin's offhand dismissal, like McCain on bear DNA and planetarium projectors, shows a callous disregard for science.

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