29 September 2008

My Email to Obama

Following up on a challenge from Michael Moore, I just sent the following email to Barrack Obama.
Senator Obama,

This morning the House of Representatives scored a major victory against the corporate elite of this nation, those who would transform this great nation into a kelptocracy, when they voted against the proposed $700-billion bailout. As one of the citizens you were elected to the United States Senate to represent, I urge you, Senator Obama, to oppose this legislation if it should come through Congress again. George W. Bush and his cronies have taken enough money from the American people. One more dollar is one dollar too much--let alone 700 billion!

Please, Senator Obama, oppose this attempted redistribution of debt--from Wall Street to everyday taxpayers like me. For too long the rich have run this country, exerted an influence far greater than the number of votes they represent. If your talk of change and hope is more than empty rhetoric, _prove_ it. Stand up to this measure, which is just more of the same, and fight for the change we so desperately need.

Best regards,

Joshua Arnold

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