23 September 2008

Exemplars of Absurdism

I love dance music. By this I mean music that you would find in the "dance" section at a record store, or would hear on a station called Dance Factory, not the broader category of "music one can dance to."

Earlier tonight, whilst on my way to Taco Bell to enjoy a quesadilla, I had my radio turned 99.9 fm, the station of the aforementioned factory. I heard the following lyrics and decided that Dance music is the heir to the Dada Movement. In other words, gloriously absurd.

The lyrics:
I'm a killer
I kill for love
gonna get you alone.

Don't you know that I'm a stripper
gonna strip it off
you got nowhere to go

You better know that I'm a thriller
gonna make you hot
won't take it slow

But did you know that I'm a killer
I kill for love
Won't let you alone.

And here's a YouTube Video of the song with the lyrics...and some pictures of cars.

The song is 100% stereotypical dance music. It sounds almost identical to any other song you might hear on this station.

Is it stupid? Yes. Did it require any talent to produce? No. Is it evidence of some deep-seated creative decay lurking at the heart of our civilization? Maybe.

But does that make me love it any less? Hell no.

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