14 April 2008

Profiting on Falsity and Fallacy

A new film is due out soon. Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed makes itself out to be a plea for academic freedom, a cry for the recognition of legitimate science. In actual execution, Expelled is yet another evolution-basher that attempts to legitimize the pseudoscience of intelligent design. And of course, like all pro-ID movies and books out there, it offers not one shred of evidence for ID.

Expelled's basic premise is that Darwinism has become the presiding dogma of academia and anyone opposed to it is disposed of (a la Inquisition). Michael Shermer, interviewed for the film, says he knows of no case where someone was fired or denied tenure for being pro-ID. In every case where a pro-ID professor was fired or denied tenure, it was for entirely legitimate reasons.

Expelled does more, however, than try to make the case for wronged scientists. With no degree of subtlety, the film attempts to link Darwinism with Adolf Hitler and the Holocaust. To draw lines of causality between the two is absurd in the highest degree. And to claim that the Holocaust could not have happened without Darwin is more idiotic still. Antisemitism is a long and established tradition, far out-dating Darwin.

In short, Expelled tries to make it appear like Nazi storm troopers wore belt-buckles that read "Darwin mit uns." In actual fact, they read "Gott mit uns." God with us.

On top of this, Expelled has blatantly stolen a video from a Harvard-based group. And it's supposed to be an all-around poorly-made film to boot.

I'm sure Michael Behe and William Dembsky will love.

Course, that should tell you all you need to know right there.

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