23 March 2008


Scrolling through Facebook today, most statuses were something to the effect of "thinking about His love" or some other sentimental such.

Personally, I find so much more fulfillment from a song (currently Close to You from Tiesto's album In My Memory) than from reminiscing upon even the idea of redemption through vicarious human sacrifice.

Perhaps when discussing the proposed love of this fictional deity, we would do well to ask ourselves "Whatever happened to all those Canaanites?" Oh yes. God-Is-Love ordered his faithful to slaughter them down every last man, woman, and child, sparing the virgin girls for the butchers. "But save for yourselves every girl who has never slept with a man." (Numbers 31:18, NIV)

I think I'll stick with chocolate eggs.

1 comment:

Emma said...

Okay Josh.. You know me of all people were among those cheering when you came out of the closet.

But seriously, there has to be something else you can discuss in this blog besides how illogical Christianity is!

Its getting old. You've aired your views. Now you are just repeating yourself.

Please for the love of God or Logic, find something else rant about!